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WOW!! More than 30 members of the Denver Chapter have earned ISACA's Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) credential.

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Governance in IT

"ISACA has experienced overwhelming demand for the new CGEIT certification", said Howard Nicholson, chair of the CGEIT Certification Board. "It is clear that governance of enterprise IT is a top-of-mind issue and that a credential indicating experience in that area is in great demand by professionals who want to further set themselves apart and provide valuable contributions to their businesses."

Established in late 2007, ISACA's Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) credential has already been earned by 4,300 professionals worldwide.

The CGEIT certification helps:

  • Support the growing business demands related to IT governance
  • Increase the awareness and importance of IT governance good practices and issues
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the professionals performing IT governance work

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If you might be interested in participating in an IT Governance Special Interest Group, contact Koushik Kumaraswamy at (303) 810-6719.

COBIT 5 Initiative—Status Update

COBIT 5 is a major strategic improvement providing the next generation of ISACA guidance on the governance and management of enterprise information and technology (IT) assets.

Building on more than 15 years of practical application, ISACA designed COBIT 5 to meet the needs of stakeholders, and to align with current thinking on enterprise governance and management techniques as they relate to IT.

Learn more about COBIT 5

COBIT 5: An Introduction

ISACA's Leadership in Research

ISACA actively promotes research that results in the development of products that IT governance, control, assurance and security professionals can use to add value to their enterprises. ISACA research also informs information technology management and users about IS controls and the critical role they play in their organizations.

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